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Saskatoons premier pet photographer.
Only the best, for your best friend.

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Your pet is your very best friend. He's there for you when you need him, or when you don't even know you need him. Professional pet photo's will capture their unique personalities for you to remember their love for the rest of your life. 


My name is Erin. 

In 2005 I started human photography as a side project, and it grew into something I loved...but something was missing. When I discovered how many families were telling me while getting their portraits done, that they didn't bring their pets too, I decided pets needed their special moments too.  So I decided to focus on them, and created High Four Pet Photography to merge my love of animals and photography to allow others to experience the joy I have found in catching that perfect moment to create long lasting memories. 


Me with my Spy & Kiki

© High Four Pet Photography



When you meet me, I bet you'll notice these things:

                       I'm short 



         I have a gap in my front teeth​

                      I will talk to your pet like a human

There are some things that you likely won't notice:

                         I'm a pretty happy person

              I love to ride my bicycle

                             Green is my favourite colour

                   There's dog fur on my pants

                                  I'm always positive

These are some things that you really need to know:

     I'm super excited to meet your pet

               I know you're nervous, and it's okay!

I will forget your human name, but not your pets!

   I will get carried away, and you can tell me to stop!

                        I am in love with what I do.