a photographer you

can trust.

You love your pet!  He's your little furry buddy who greets you at the door with those big bright eyes, tail-a-wagging, whether you left 5 minutes or 5 hours ago. She's the one with that adorable fuzzy face that lets out that soft purr that puts you into a gentle slumber. Or maybe he's that little monster that stole your warm spot on the couch  in the 30 seconds that you left it vacant (but, looks so dang cute you don’t have the heart to move him!)

No script, no shot list, just unplanned random fun! 
This is a special time just for him/her to have professional lifetime memories made. It's all about who your pet is. The sparkle in his eye, the way his ears pop up when he sees something exciting, that adorable pink tongue in their big bright smile.  I want to get these unplanned moments for you!  They really capture who your pet is,  making the most memorable images to have for the rest of your life!

Sessions can be for any reason! Whether it be to preserve the tinyness of your new pet, maybe it’s almost time to say goodbye, or anything in between. 
My promise is to get as many candid and timeless images of their personality.

Even bring a fancy tie, or a pretty dress if you want !  No judgement here. Let’s do this.


                                                 My name is Erin, I'm your photographer,

                       I'd like you to meet my inspirations. Spy

                                                (the loyal-loving-crazy-pants Boston Terrier),

      and (the late) Oakley (the I-love-you-but-I'll-do-whatever-I-please French Bulldog).

                    You might see them a LOT around here and that's because they are my best friends.

                                                     They fill me with joy every day.

            They have taught me not to take myself too seriously and enjoy the moment.

                       They have taught me unconditional love.

                              They never pass up the opportunity to go for a joyride.

      They taught me not to pretend I'm something I'm not.

                                              and they are the reason I got myself into this mess of fun.

Contact me today with all your questions, or to set up a session of your own.