That Strange Lady....

May 14, 2015

This strange, lovey, happy feeling comes over me when I see people walking their gorgeous dogs on beautiful days. So let me pose this question….would you be totally weirded out if some stranger lady… that being me, came up to you while you were walking your dog, and offered you her business card, as a suggestion to have pet portraits done? I mean, I wouldn’t be offended, but that’s me.  I love pictures, and my pets. I have their pictures riddled all over the house.. but how would you feel?!  I have an urge to do this all the time, but don’t want to impose on anyone. I just feel like everyone should have a few nice professional pictures of their pets to remember them by when they are no longer here.  You know.. pictures of their happy panting tongue inside their big smile.. the drool hanging from their jowls.. the wicked sway of their happy waggy tail.. it’s all those little things too!  That’s why I’m here. To do that for you! 


When I see these dogs, I get ideas in my head.. poses, locations etc. Yesterday I saw a gorgeous shiny black Great Dane. Well, I nearly crashed my car. I wanted him in front of my lens so badly!   Great Dane owner, if you are reading this, please book a session with me!   haha, no pressure ;)


No picture of a great dane today, but I'll let your heart melt with these old pictures of Baby Spy and Baby Oakley..




Have a super day!


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