What to expect!

May 18, 2015

So, I thought I'd talk today a little bit about how the shoot goes.


As much as I want to snuzzle your pets faces, I will probably not say much to them when I first meet them. Please don't think I'm a jerk!  I'm just not giving into their excitement. There is nothing more fun to me than meeting a happy new fur-face, but I must resist and save that for the end. Work first, then play!


When you come out with me, we have no script. no plans, not shot list! Just lots of silliness, giggles, exploration and fun. Every pet is different, and it's all about who your pet is. I'll look for the sparkle in his eye, the drool hanging from his droopy jowl, the perfect shade of pink in that big happy tongue, and the joyful sway of his wildly excited tail!!  It's those unscripted, unplanned perfect imperfections that make beautiful images that you'll love forever!


This is Sadie and Foxy. We met at a local dog park this past Winter. They were sooooo happy to be there. Super excited.  I'm sure mom and dad worried that they wouldn't be too co-operative for pictures while there were other dogs around. Honestly, I do consider that too everytime, but I knew I'd still get some great shots because they are free, and besides I never really quit until I'm satisfied, no matter how long it takes.


I have a lot of patience when it comes to happy dogs, or even stubborn kitties. I know what I'm getting myself into when I suggest a dog park as a location but I love it there because they can be free, and be themselves, and off-leash!  Wo0H0O!!  I think I have just as much fun as they do.  But I will even come to your backyard, where they are comfortable, and its more personal. That can be just as good for everyone!


Here are a few more shots of Sadie and Foxy. Don't want you to think I'm lying and that was the only good shot of them!!  There were so many good ones, but I can't share them all!! They were so sweet though. So friendly, and so happy together!  I was so happy to have met them, and their humans. 







xoxo Have a super day!


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