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In 2023, professional pet photographers around the world united to raise over $65,000 for animal rescue by publishing Tails of the World - Volume II.

This year, we're on a mission to go BIGGER


With twice as many photographers involved, we’re hoping to meet or beat that dollar amount for charity. But we need your help!

YOUR furkid could appear in the pages of Tails of the World: Volume Three

and make a difference for pets in need!

Scroll down to find out more and apply today!


High Four Pet Photography has signed on once again to be a part of the 2024 edition as the photographer to represent Saskatoon!  We are taking applications now for limited edition Tails of the World: Location photoshoots. These photoshoots will take place in the heart of Saskatoon, capturing our unique aspects of our beautiful city.


100% of these session fees will be donated to Living Sky Wildlife Rehabilitation and one photo from each session is guaranteed to be included in the book. All proceeds from the book sales are donated to Second Chance Animal Rescue, Inc. You’ll also have the opportunity to view and purchase keepsake photographic artwork from your

unique photoshoot.

Erin McFarland.jpeg
Gus LS.jpg
Layla LS.jpg


No further purchase required, however available if you wish!


~ Potential shooting dates are May 31, June 8, 9 & 15
~ 100% of the Session Donation will be given to Saskatoon Wildlife Rehabilitation
~ Sessions take place in various locations around or near Saskatoon
~ All dogs in your family are welcome to attend 
~ One image of my choosing from each session will be included in the Tails of the World book (available to order online in March 2025)

~ One complimentary digital file of the chosen image will be given to you as a gift
~ Additional prints, products and digital files, and a copy of the book are not included. 

Layla - featured in the 2023 edition!

Leo P.jpg

Remi & Wiser - featured in the 2023 edition!

Gus - featured in the 2023 edition!

Leonard - featured in the 2023 edition!

"Our boys had so much fun that day and thank you for your patience with them, Erin! It took a bit of time to get them to pose like this :)  We can't wait to buy a copy of the book!" 

                                     - Sam & Wylie's Humans

SamWylie LS.jpg

Living Sky Wildlife Rehab is a non-profit rehabilitation organization based in Saskatoon. Their mission is to provide a safe place for injured and orphaned wild animals to grow and mend until they can return to their natural habitat. 100% of the session fees from the ten 2024 Saskatoon sessions will be donated to  Living Sky Wildlife Rehabilitation. Learn more about their organization by visiting their website here.


All book sale proceeds are donated to Second Chance Animal Rescue. This Australian based not-for-profit organisation has a network of hundreds of foster carers and volunteers. Over the years, they have rescued and rehabilitated well over 10,000 pets due to be euthanised at pounds and shelters. Their mission is to offer these animals a Second Chance at finding their forever homes. 




Founded by Caitlin J. McColl in 2015, the Tails of the World Collective is an international group of professional pet photographers. United in their mission to make a difference for pets in need and celebrate our universal love of dogs.

To date, we have published over 40 books from all around the globe and raised over $50,000 for animal charities

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